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My ongoing series of pop culture family portraits, all rendered in glorious monochrome.  Most are available to buy here as 210mm x 297mm digital prints on high quality 250gsm uncoated paper stock.

Little Portrait sets have appeared in Starburst magazine, Geek-Art: Volume 2 (published by Huginn Muninn Editions, France), and The Thing: Artbook (published by Printed In Blood, USA).

Two sets were created as a commission from a director at Pixar and another in response to a request from one of the writers of the film in question.  A copy of one set was bought by the wife of one of the lead actors, and most excitingly three copies of another were bought by a member of the British Antarctic Survey Medical Unit as gifts for various stations across the continent, travelling with him on the RRS Ernest Shackleton, to his own base Halley, apparently the most isolated of the British bases!

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