18 Aug 2020
I have been designing a range of greetings cards themed around big films of specific years.  I started with big birthdays this year and next - 21, 30 and 40.  They are currently still under assessment at Thortful,  if they make it through they’ll come up on searches, etc., but are available to buy regardless here.  I ordered some samples and was extremely impressed by the print job - they look amazing.

Response has been really good so far so if these prove popular I’ll be looking to add additional years, and perhaps some decade ones.

05 July 2020

I received my comp copy of the Ghostbusters Artbook through today and my Louis Tully illustration is by far the best thing on Page 133.

06 June 2020

The response to the 80s Films picture puzzle was so good that we launched straight into a follow-up - 90 Films From The 90s.  We went with a mall setting as this was the most 90s place we could think of.  Response to this one has been very positive too, but we’ll be taking a break from them for a while - the planning and work involved is immense.

29 April 2020
Over lockdown my wife and I devised this 80 Films From The 80s picture puzzle, picking away at it in between day jobs and childcare.  I did the artwork and my wife did the colouring - it proved a welcome distraction for both of us.  The drawing was a fun challenge, as the scale was huge and I had to work to a more simplistic style than I am used to, while still maintaining an essential likeness - Martin Handford was a big influence.

It was a lovely collaboration and the response from puzzlers has been fantastic.  If it has given people a brief distraction during this difficult time, then we are happy.

07 April 2020
A little Monty Python Little Portrait set to celebrate the 45th anniversary of The Holy Grail.  I’ve been a massive Python fan since I was a kid and the very fabric of my being is infused with their sketches and films.  I could do a set for every one of their films, but MPATHG is by far the most popular, and therefore safest bet.

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