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03 June 2024

I hit one of my bucket list illustrator achievements when the amazing/deluded Allan Verth got my Fourth Doctor little portrait tattooed on his body. I'm sure this happens to successful illustrators all the time and most are blasé about it, but it's mind-blowing to me that anyone could like my work enough to get it permanently stained onto their skin. Absolutely incredible.

21 May 2024

I made this print for my wife for our 10th wedding anniversary. I'm not the most demonstrably romantic individual so this was my way of showing her how much I care. She loved it, so I think I did good.

It's a 4-colour risograph print using Black, Green, Fluorescent Orange and Flat Gold. I wanted to work in a clean ligne claire style for aesthetic reasons, without thinking about the "tin anniversary"/"Tintin" link there. So if anyone asks it was totally intentional (in-tin-tional).

20 March 2024

2024 is about upskilling and seeing whims and ideas through instead of just sitting on them. After years of dancing around the medium, I've finally knuckled down and actually learned how to use a riso printer. These are just experiments using my old Evil Dead II poster, but they've come out beautifully and I know the dos and don'ts for producing something bespoke next time. I’m proper buzzing now.

A massive thanks to the1000eyez for being patient with me.

11 January 2024

A pair of new Little Portrait sets for 2024, a little late, to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Doctor Who.

DW was the second portrait set I ever did, back in 2012, and so was well overdue a revisit to include Capaldi, Whittaker, Tennant again and Gatwa.

I’ve never missed an episode since it came back in 2005, but to be honest I’d stopped enjoying it around the end of Matt Smith’s time.  I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the recent specials though and it’s provided a perfect entry-point for introducing my daughter to the show.  She’s loved it.  I too was 6 when I started watching the show - Sylvester McCoy was my doctor and I love that Ncuti Gatwa will be hers.

28 September 2023

I created this rotoscope animation for the epic Our Frasier Remake being put together by Jacob Reed in response to the new reboot.  An entire episode (arguably the best episode of the series) has been broken into segments with different artists, animators, filmmakers and puppeteers remaking each in their own style.  Frasier was a massive part of my Friday nights as a teenager and will always have a big place in my heart, so it was an honour to be part of this.  It was the biggest rotoscoping project I’ve been involved in and while I wish I had more time to play around with it (I came to it with only a week or so left) I’m really proud of the results.

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