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6 Nov 2019

I love these films.  My wife, a fan of the books first, got me into them around the time of Goblet of Fire and after that I was hooked.  There’s a couple of ropey ones, but collectively they tap into my favourite movie subgenre - kids’ fantasy adventure.  The first two are Christmas mainstays of ours, but Prisoner is my favourite.  We’re now starting to read them to our daughter and I’m discovering the joys of the books too.

The sets were on hold for a long time as I struggled to whittle an immense collection of memorable and much-loved characters into the selections you see above.  I always knew these were going to ape my Star Wars sets as a Goodies Vs Baddies format, just not which goodies and baddies to include.  I’m happy with my choices, but there are a lot of characters I’m sad to miss out.

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