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31 Dec 2020
It’s been over a decade since I started selling work via Etsy and, while I’ve been fortunate enough to sell comics and prints all over the UK and to some very exciting and exotic locations (to this wee lad from rural Scotland anyway), the big thrill for me has always been people from all different parts of America buying my work.  Cinema is such an influence on my work and I’ve grown up on American TV and movies, so it’s still surreal to think of my work up in all these different homes and workplaces.

The idle thought struck me this year - “could I possibly have sold to all 50 states?”.  We went back through the logs filling in the map above, and while I didn’t hit the big 5-oh, I have sold to 36 of them, which is astounding.  Thank you so much to everyone Stateside who has bought something from me over the years - especially you repeat purchasers.  If there is anyone from the North/Mid-west or South-East reading - come on, stop letting the side down.  Here’s to all 50 in 2021!

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